Racist redneck


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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, This is Claudette Cote. I’ve known this woman for several years, but it is time to expose her for who she really is. A racist, bitter old redneck. Now I can’t really blame her, she was born and raised in the redneckville bowels of Canada (Windsor, Ontario), but really, someone with her education and career needs to learn some tact and respect for others. Claudette woman represents herself as a university educated IT professional by day, but by night is a racist b*tch. She is on my facebook list, but I can see that she is constantly posting racially charged comments online. Most notably, she uses her real facebook profile to post nasty comments about other ethnicities, on local newspaper websites!! People have been coming to me to discuss her idiocy for quite some time, but I think she’s crossed the line with this one. The nasty comment above was made in a newspaper article about the death of a lovely young 19 year old east indian girl. So disrespectful, the world needs to know about the real Claudette, and her bosses should know who they really hired!! I really just think she’s sad about being single and needs to get laid.

I didn’t know Canada had rednecks..- nik

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