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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Floyd Blaikie, a local radio host for LIVE 105, in Halifax. If no remember’s or caught Floyd’s cover read in Frank Mag, Floyd spent the good part of 2011, and 2012 fame whoring her big fat lesbian wedding. If anyone listens to her radio show, couldn’t shut up about her partner, her band and their soon coming union. Wedding happened, Floyd got the attention she wanted, happy couple right? You’d think, until Floyd caught massive case of ‘Boys on the side” and ended her marriage two months in for some dude she was banging, probably before she even tied the knot.Which is pretty normal, happens all the time. Except for the part for where for two damn years we had to hear about her wedding. She went from not being able to shut up about her partner, her band, their marriage to not being able to shut up about her boyfriends junk. For realz guys. No shame. For someone who fcked up her ex’s life, caused a lot of heart break youd think she’d try to keep her new relationship out of the public eye, not only for the sake of her career, but for the sake of the poor girl she married only months before. Nope, she’d rather make her love of dicks,and douchebag hipsters with boston terrors very public. She was even low enough to do an interview with a shit Mag like frank, then cry about it on air and give herself a pat on the back for being a shit person. In the end, Floyd Blaikie is a lying turd who really will do anything for attention. “Wha wha I have food allergies” No Floyd you are looking for an excuse to lose weight and be slightly unique. “Look at my super cool glasses” No Floyd, you don’t even need those glasses. Everything about this girl is a lie she has made up to make herself somewhat more interesting to the public eye. No real personality, probably suffers from a personality disorder, or at least a mild form of autism. No idea why Live105 even continues to employee this moron. There are so many starving radio DJ’s out there who would die for her job, probably be more interesting, all while being able to conduct themselves in a professional non-douchebaggy manner.

I guess I shouldn’t compare her to a male punk rocker, she’d take it as a compliment.- nik

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