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THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey nik i have a few words to say about this raver trash slut who thinks she is the cutest thing ever when really all she is is a slutty whore who loves attention from everyone claims 24/7 that she is the most classy girl in the rave scene. this girl thinks shes famous and post on Fb all the time about raves drugs and sex yeah thats pretty classy she feels extra special ever sence she feels protected by every guy in the rave scene ever since she got beat up by her stupid scene bf who send her to the hospital so beat up because her drug addict bf tried k**ling her always brags about she is dependent all she does is buys her friends by buying them rave tickets and drugs she feels loved by all the guys in the rave scene when really they are all in line waiting to get it in with her she deserves to be on blast since she wants attention with her fake tans and her small body thinking shes super hot she is always at Krypto hanging out with the underworld crew doing a lot of drugs dirty slut spends all her money on weed instead of moving out her moms place considering her mom is tired of her and kicks her sorry ass out all the time , and she wont even make an effort to move out instead of giving her mom problems and bringing her younger sister into the rave scene whose also a drug addict lesbian who tries to be friendly with everyone and so is her ”cousin” whose always shit faced wasted at krypto along with her and her sister.

I don’t think she buys the tickets…Just saying.- nik

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