Real Housewives of Orange County star Lynne Curtin – Dragged into Daughter Alexa Curtin’s Lawsuit Accusing Orange County Sheriff of Rape

Real Housewives of Orange County star Lynne Curtin – Dragged into Daughter Alexa Curtin’s Lawsuit Accusing Orange County Sheriff of Rape

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, the Real Housewives of Orange County star Lynne Curtin has been dragged into her daughter Alexa Curtin’s rape lawsuit accusing an O.C. Sheriff of raping her during a traffic stop … with the reality star being subpoenaed for a deposition to be grilled about her daughter’s version of events … along with deposing 5 of her ex-boyfriends to determine her mental state and credibility.

Earlier this year, Alexa filed suit claiming back in April 2014, she was visiting her then-boyfriend at his home in Dana Point, California. The two got into an argument and she left to drive home. While she was pulling out of his home the Orange County Sheriff Department arrived and stopped her. She pulled her car over to the side of the road and a Deputy Epson approached her car and began questioning her.

The officer searched Alexa’s car and he found some underwear she had in the vehicle. He then began asking her if the underwear belonged to her, how many pairs she had and why she needed the extra pair in the car. She explained the Deputy told her he had to tend to another matter but she was not free to leave. Following the instruction she stayed put and tried to take a nap in her car.

20 minutes later, the Deputy pulled up again behind her car but this time in his personal car not the police vehicle. She claims he entered through the passenger side and began issuing her orders such as, “Since you are still here, I am going to f*ck the sh*t out of you” — He then told her to, “Show me your pussy” … which she says made her scared and she complied with his order. The Deputy then groped Alexa’s vagina and digitally penetrated her while commenting on her anatomy.

Then, the police officer pulled down his pants and ordered Alexa to straddle him while he sat in the passenger seat. Alexa says she feared for her safety knowing that he most likely was carrying a gun. The Deputy then proceeded to rape Alexa and ejaculated inside her vagina and partially on the passenger seat. He then pulled up his pants and asked for her cell phone number so they could do this again. She gave the officer a wrong number and he left the scene in his personal car.

Alexa said she was violated, traumatized, emotionally drained, in shock and feared for her safety. She has suffered emotional and physical injuries and fears for her safety daily due to a government official having committed the rape … and not knowing who to trust anymore. She sued for mental anguish, emotional distress and financial losses due to the damage done and is demanding general, special & exemplary damages along with attorney fees.

The County of Orange County fired back at Alexa Curtin’s allegations by accusing her of consenting to any alleged acts she claims took place in her car with an officer. They deny all allegations that an officer raped the reality star following a traffic stop. Further, they state that Alexa consented to the alleged incident with the officer and she wasn’t raped. They demanded the lawsuit be thrown out of court and the reality star be awarded nothing in the case.

Alexa Curtin headed back to court last month and blasted the city officials for allegedly failing to produce any information, documentation, or evidence that she requested to assist her in identifying her attacker and preparing her case. The reality star explained despite the city official’s refusal to assist her in finding her attacker … she has identified the man on her own and now seeks to add his name to an amended complaint in the case … since she was unaware of his identity when she filed her original complaint. She revealed the alleged sexual assault attacker as Nicholas Lee Caropino, a Deputy Sheriff for the County of Orange. Alexa does not reveal how she was able to discover his identity recently.

Then recently, the County of Orange filed docs in the case explaining they are preparing their defense in the case and have already deposed Alexa’s mother under oath about her daughter’s rape claims. The deposition took place on November 30th. Lynne was grilled about Alexa’s version of events on the night of the alleged rape … which the defendants believe will help them weight her credibility. They are attempting to depose her father Frank Curtin – who is divorced from Lynne – to question him about her timeline of the night which they say is necessary to their defense in the case. However, they have not been able to locate Alexa’s dad to serve him with the subpoena. The defense explains they will also be deposing Alexa Curtin’s general practitioner, Dr. Jeffrey Yusim and have subpoenaed her medical records.

Further, they plan to depose a number of Alexa’s ex-boyfriends including her estranged husband Michael Deveechio, ex-boyfriend Mitchell Brick who they have yet to locate, another ex-named Morgan Brick, Zack Asouz another former boyfriend, another ex-named Joel Cooper and her sister Raquelle Curtin. The former boyfriends will likely testify to Alexa’s mental state and their belief concerning her credibility … the defense explains.

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