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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, as much as I love your site and been a follower for a long time now, it is hard for me to read. You expect ladies to have all this work done, you know how expensive that is? I would like to get a boob job but it is too out of reach. I can barely make ends meet let alone keep up with my medical bills. I have serious breast complications being the age of 19. My first surgery was when I was 16! This is an extremely painful proceedure. As much as I would like to live this lavish materialistic life sytle most of you do, I cant. I am going to college to better myself and not rely on anybody else because I HAVE RESPECT FOR MYSELF. I love watching Couples Therapy but it pains me how materialistic Shayne is. I guess thats what comes with the life style. Well I wish you both the best and maybe you can take a step back today and be thankful for what you have. That your not a struggling American like most of us. Anyway, DA Strong from one of your biggest followers!

I’m a huge believer in creation. Little shifts in your mentality will change everything. You might not have the best journey, but its your journey and nobody can take that away from you.- nik

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