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really serving?

really serving?

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Robert Shidler I saw him in another post and wanted to add just to show what an a** hole this guy reallly is. He was released from the army not too long ago for beating on his wife. He is a huge ice head and trys to borrow money from his friends parents to buy his drugs then b*tches because he cant make his truck payment. He is married and sleeps with anyone who will allow him to. When the army says serve your country im not sure that they wanted you to serve every willing female think he got confused. The worst part is he is doing all this and he has a baby on the way but instead of helping the mother of his child he is out acting like a child.  PLEASE WARN THE WOMEN OF DALLAS ABOUT THIS GUY HE CAN BE FOUND AT SCOOTERS, WEEKENDS, OR APPLEBEES ON ANY GIVEN WEEKEND.

He probably blames it all on the war too.- nik

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