Rebecca Gayheart – What Happened To The Noxzema Girl

Rebecca Gayheart – What Happened To The Noxzema Girl

How do I explain this … Rebecca Gayheart was kind of a big deal in the 90’s. Lonnie Moore knows what I’m talking about. He tries to explain this 90’s era to his dates even though they just respond with what hospital they were born at.

Anyway to the gents that lived off Noxzema commercials and 90210 episodes … you get it. We caught Rebecca looking like a PTA Mom (in the knee caps) the other day. Didn’t this Jawbreaker star kill someone?

Yup, Gayheart struck and killed 9-year-old Jorge Cruz with her car after trying to pass a line of vehicles that had stopped to let the boy cross the street. She was on her cell phone. Paid a $2800 fine and received three years probation.  Talk about the Hollywood royal treatment.

RIP Jorge Cruz!

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