THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik This girl Rebekah Logan was posted here a few days ago. I thought after getting posted on here with the worst pictures possible would teach her a lesson , guess not. I see these on my newsfeed last night. I dont know if she realizes it or not but no one is ever going to respect her by the way she portrays herself so horribly. She has a son that she barely takes care of, she spends her welfair cheques on fake nails and looking like a prostitue. Shes more worried about having a dick in her ass than her own child. I feel bad that kid is gunna get made fun of for having such a dirty mom. Its time you go to the gym and get rid of that nasty stomach of yours that you seem so proud of and get a job. Make a life for you and you’re son, who am I kidding i’ll see you on whalley strip selling yourself for a happy meal.

A little light on the photoshop. I can still see stretch marks.- nik