Reese Witherspoon Gushes Over Idol Goldie Hawn

Reese Witherspoon Gushes Over Idol Goldie Hawn

Actress Reese Witherspoon appeared at the Walk of Fame to honor Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell who both received a star on the Walk of Fame.

In her lengthy and emotional speech about Hawn, Witherspoon shared that, “I am literally her biggest fan… I can’t believe Goldie actually texted me about a month ago and asked me to be here. Huge honor.”

Witherspoon later stated that, “The first time I ever fell in love with a movie star, it was Goldie Hawn… It’s hard to articulate how important this was for me… I was seeing this person that was just like me… I saw that you could be feminine and funny and tough and warm.”

“She’s continued to inspire me my entire career… She’s a film legend,” Witherspoon added. “She’s an icon. She is a true movie star… Goldie just never stopped cutting a new path for how women are perceived on film.”

Towards the end of the speech, Witherspoon got emotional, noting that, “She just lights up the screen, she’s lit up my life, and I hope that one day I can be held in the same esteem that I hold her. She’s changed my life. And she’s quite simply my idol.”

It’s nice seeing Hollywood stars step out to support one another, and Witherspoon gave a truly great speech about Hawn. It’s definitely worth checking out the clip above.

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