Renee Graziano Is Getting Preferential Celebrity Treatment In Rehab

Renee Graziano Is Getting Preferential Celebrity Treatment In Rehab

This morning, former Mob Wives star Renee Graziano interviewed with Radar Online
about her rehab stint that she’s been doing in Florida since last October.

“I went in on October 4th”,  Graziano explained to Radar, “and spent two weeks detoxing.”

“I’ve been in 90 days at Transitions Recovery Program in Miami,” she continued, “I’ve decided to stay in the program until March.” However, a quick look at her Instagram- and at the dates- show that things don’t completely add up.

It looks like she’s able to come and go as she pleases- which is not standard practice in rehab facilities- due to her celebrity status, as she recently took to Instagram to share that she is “in LA.” We can assume this is to do press for her new show, Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars, which premieres tonight.

While in LA, she also posted another picture of her shoes, hash tagging it “hollywoodnights.”

In addition, she posted pictures at the Marriage Bootcamp premiere party last night.

As of this morning, Graziano posted an Instagram picture on the plane claiming she’s “next stop Miami,” so one can assume she’s going back to rehab after her few day break.

While she did hashtag all of her photos in LA “healthy” and “recovery,” we’re not quite sure that part of her recovery program involves traveling to Los Angeles to attend parties. It definitely seems like she’s getting celebrity treatment from the rehab center to us.

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