Renos Number One Chola

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Reno's #1 Chola

Reno's #1 Chola

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, This Fat Wanna Be Chola Piece Of Hoodrat Sh*t Is Ashley Reese. She’s A Nasty, Smelly, In Denial Fat Cow That Thinks Shes The Toughest “Chola” In Reno. She Constantly Talking Sh*t About Every Girl She Sees, Even If They Are Stick Thin, Shell Say Their Fat And Say Shes Smaller Than Every Girl She Sees Even Though Its Impossible. This Girl Wears More Blush And Mascara Than Any Girl In Reno (And It Obviously Shows When U Meet Her). She Never Showers Yet She Still Wears A Few Hundred Sprays Of Cheap WalMart Perfume Which Only Makes The Stank Nastier!!! Shes Really The Nastiest Girl In Reno And If You Thought Reno Couldn’t Get Any Worse, This Girl Would Be Right There Too Prove You WRONG. She’s Seriously One Of The Fattest People Ive Ever Met, And Yet She Wears Size Small Shirts, Everywhere She Goes, People Point Out Her Abnormal Muffin Top. She’s Disgusting!

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