THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik meet Kendal Lee Schuler.  Her claim to fame is Leonardo Dicaprio sleeping with her.  He was cheating on then girlfriend Alyce Crawford, she got a little air time and has been riding those coattails ever since.  Kendal never was and never will be good looking, she looks like a knock-off version of LC, China made.  Maybe I should start sleeping with celebrities to try and be famous, I am much better looking then she is but cuase shes a hore she gets attention, HER FACE IS ROUND!! round nik round! oh and get this her new boyfriend and long time f*ck buddy is a known pepsi head.  If you wikipedia his name it even states that in his bio.  Everybody give it up for Kendal, the doorknob of our town.  How embarrassing.

They have bad teeth in common… it strengthens their relationship.- nik