Response To “Speaking On Behalf Of Many White Females”

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, WOAH. So that post that was put up a couple days ago got like 300 or so comments? Hah good for you Nik you eat up those tasty topics like candy don’t you. Controversial sh*t always brings out the most “intelligent” people.  Anyway, (No I’m not the poster of the other original! I’m just some random loser.) At first I just laughed and maybe even nodded when I read her opinions, like I’m guessing most people did to. But when I started to read what people were commenting, the lack of common sense floated around like a gross, stale fart. Do some people really think everything she said was bullsh*t? I mean of course it was a direct, offensive blow to the face of another race, but it holds some, well a lot truth to it. Here’s a scenario we are all familiar with by now in America, please bare with me. Instead of using a race to describe the “thuggish” people, select a member of any race that is gang related, Violent, uses Ebonics, is not educated, does not care to contribute to society, or doesn’t bathe well.  Any race you so choose. Now, this guy is standing on the street corner with five of his friends, when a drop dead gorgeous dime piece walks by. (Why is she even in that neighborhood??) He immediately begins to cat call her, harass her, even follow her all the way to her car. Of course she walks quickly trying to avoid him, but he is really persistent, and it’s starting to frighten her. Luckily she finds her keys and gets in fast, then leaves. Ok the point I’m trying to make is that ANY low life gross male out there who doesn’t respect himself, or anyone else, will treat females this way. There is a certain type of man that acts in this manor, and I believe they are pretty easy to spot (sometimes, the scarier ones put on a show and fool you till it is to late!). Really, just avoid them. If you have to, cross the street and walk on the other side. But hey, men are victims of this circumstance to! Except they are dealing with vile wh*res who love having their holes filed with any nasty shaft they can find. Then later, spreading around fresh DRDs to unsuspecting guys at parties. But those females are easy to spot to, usually right away. Cake face, stuffed bra, “zits” around mouth, fried, damaged, overly dyed hair, and of course clothing three sizes to small. Wow I just noticed I gave a better description for chicks than dudes. Ya I know everything I said is like, well no f*ckin duh, but I am just a bored college student with too much extra time. Loll. Bottom line, yes you can say an entire race of males is womanizers, but EVERY race holds those types of people. I’m not going to argue that some races do it more, because I think it is to obvious who in fact DOES do it more but I just wanted to write down another view point. People, just start being nicer. What the hell is so hard and wrong about doing that?

But the white guys you are talking about speak black? Even the white girls you are talking about speak black. So you are still racist.- nik

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