Rian Johnson Thinks The Famous Life Is Cool

Rian Johnson Thinks The Famous Life Is Cool

Rian Johnson was caught at LAX airport in Los Angeles, California, and he seems to think being famous is cool.

When asked by a reporter who taped the clip, how he’s dealing with his newfound fame thanks to Star Wars, eh said, “It’s just you. I feel alright being famous if it’s just you.” 

“It’s cool people are interested in it,” he added.

Johnson also shared a few tidbits Star Wars fans will be interested to know- namely, his favorite Star Wars character is Luke, and his favorite Star Wars director is George Lucas.

“He’s been really encouraging through this whole thing,” Johnson said when asked what advice Lucas has given him.

We have to say – for someone in such a huge franchise as Star Wars, Johnson seemed very approachable and nice. We need more of that in Hollywood.


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