Riley Keough Dodges Paparazzi and Autograph Seeker

Riley Keough Dodges Paparazzi and Autograph Seeker

While dealing with the paparazzi and fans all the time can get tiring, Riley Keough almost completely ignored them when they caught up with her at an airport.

Although she was probably trying to get where she is going quickly, Keough- who is the oldest granddaughter of Elvis Presley (and the daughter of Lisa Marie Presley)- completely ignored everyone, even a fan that asked her for an autograph.

She also forgot her luggage and had to go back for it.

Girl- here’s some advice- if you want to get more recognition and stay relevant, be nice to your fans. They pay your bills. And maybe buy yourself a device to track your luggage or set a reminder in Siri so you don’t forget it next time.

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