Rita Ora Looks Like Beyonce

Rita Ora Looks Like Beyonce

Yesterday, singer/actress Rita Ora appeared on the red carpet with Fawaz Gruosi at the  at Cannes Film Festival  70th Celebration Red Carpet at Palais des Festivals.

While we’re not sure why Ora was with Gruosi, that wasn’t our focus while watching this clip, as we couldn’t get our mind off of how much Ora was reminding us of Beyonce.

From the hair to her outfit choice, even to parts of her face, Ora was definitely giving off a Beyonce look-a-like vibe.

Since Beyonce is currently pregnant with twins, Ora could probably make some appearances on her behalf and, as long as there was music to lip-sync too so that no one could tell it wasn’t Beyonce singing, Ora may pass for the job.

Beyonce, your doppelgänger has been located- and, from where we’re sitting, there’s much worse choices one could have than Ora.


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