RJ Mitte- Our Healthcare Is In Serious Trouble

RJ Mitte- Our Healthcare Is In Serious Trouble

Actor RJ Mitte of Breaking Bad fame was recently spotted outside of Katsuya Restaurant in Hollywood, California.

When the paparazzi asked him about Miss USA saying healthcare is a privilege not a right, Mitte- who, like his Breaking Bad character has cerebal paulsy- had some interesting things to share.

“I think there’s a fine line between- between that,” he began with commenting on what Miss USA said. “You know, it is a privilege, but the thing is it still should be something that everyone should attain. Right now, we have a lot of people that can’t afford healthcare. The thing is, everyone should be able to afford healthcare. In the world, in Canada, in the UK- they have a great healthcare system. Anyone can get it. It’s very easily attainable.”

“We need more laws and we need more regulations that can abide and that will actually be beneficial to the actual American people,” he continued. “Right now you’re getting… these imaginary programs that people are seeing, but no one can obtain. We need to figure out how are we getting these honest programs into the right hands.”

Mitte also added that, “Right now our healthcare is in some serious trouble.”

With all of the debate on healthcare and all of the things going on regarding it, we’re sure that many would agree that, right now, it is in serious trouble.

Sadly, Mitte was whisked away before he could answer if he supports the repeal of Obamacare or not. We would have been interested to hear that, but we still think he gave some interesting insight regardless.


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