Rob Delaney, Invest In Moob Anti-Perspirant

Rob Delaney, Invest In Moob Anti-Perspirant

Rob Delaney was recently spotted arriving to Jimmy Kimmel Live in Hollywood… and the dude is seriously doused in moob sweat.

And we’re not exaggerating in the least. In fact, it’s so bad that one of the cameraman filming him even denotes that “he’s got sweaty t**s.” 

Rob, may we recommend a visit to your local pharmacy. They sell this novel thing called anti-perspirant, and we find it likely you’ll find it of great use. Give a few sprays under the moobs, and you’ll be good to go.

We’ve also heard botox can stop sweat. And plastic surgeons also do breast reduction… just sayin’.

Whatever path you choose to go, Rob, you need to get it handled. Stat. Because, putting it as nicely as possible, this is just gross.

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