Robbie The Drug Head

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Robbie Grundon the ‘Crck Head’ Roofer…..Hez an alcoholic that stumbles off of roofs, and then goes home and beats up his under age girlfriends.It’s hard to keep up with the Surrey trash high school students he brings into his house,but you betcha every couple months there’s a brand new troll on the block.
He cheats on his girlfriends,and as a result, has a very interesting looking dick .. lol, you know what I’m saying? He spends half of the time during his current relationships harassing and professing his undying love to another woman.He never showers,In fact,his former LG girlfriend(Bree Olsen)was always charmed to receive the gift of a yeast infection every 2 weeks.And of course don’t forget the weekly violence and mental abuse,throwing of axes,smacking heads into walls,chocking,hair pulling,etc ect ect….He’s 37, but is known to have hit on girls as young as 14 GOOFED OUT EH?,He`s addicted to hoin,crak,cocne n just about anything he can get!..his teeth are falling out as a result of it hiz pathetic addictions.His daddy was convicted of rape!!!!,He shoots up steroids, but because of his drug habit he doesn’t buy food and never gains a pound LMFAO. Also,hez so broke he’s uses coffee filters for toilet paper =0 WTF!!.He abuses n uses insecure women for $$ sex a place to stay/live or just for his sick amusement!.He’s 100% the definition of a dead beat dad,he never sees his daughter but will use her to get his way..says he needs money for his ‘kid’ and then spends it on getting his fix..

He better increase his age bracket if he expects room n board.- nik

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