Roid Monkey’s Home Wrecker

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Roid Monkey's Home Wrecker

Roid Monkey's Home Wrecker

Roid Monkey's Home Wrecker

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is ELEKTRA DELANY (Otherwise known as Roid Monkey’s Home Wrecker) This Chick is supposed to be my friend but disgusts me in how even after she found out Roid Monkey was married SHE STILL KEEPS SEEING HIM!!!!!!! She obviously has no self respect, sleeping with a 30 yr old wannabe ROID MONKEY who is MARRIED with CHILDREN!!!!! WATCH OUT LADIES THIS WOMEN IS A HOME WRECKER!!! TOLD YA ELEKTRA. If you didn’t come clean you were up here next!!!!! Post her up Nik and show her what KARMA is all about!!

Her cheeks are bigger then her t*ts.  Just saying.- nik

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