THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, i have here Ryan Heilman of columbus ohio… originally from toledo i think but anyways i seen him at the bars downtown a couple times a week and thought he was super cute. we were dancing, he bought all my drinks all the time, we hooked up a few times and things were going great. then a couple weeks ago i asked if he was going out and he said he was sick and staying home so whatever i went out with a couple friends thinking nothing of it. well who do i see grinding all over one of my BEST FRIENDS when i get there?? Yep, you got it! i threw a drink in his face and got in a fight with my friend and turns out he’s been with like 3 other of my friends too! So ladies, dont let this guy fool you… he is a PLAYER and dont let his green eyes fool you either, hes nothing but evil!!

Your best friends a guy right…- nik