Salma Hayek Is A Stand Up Comedian

Salma Hayek Is A Stand Up Comedian

Salma Hayek was caught departing at LAX airport in Los Angeles … and she’s really funny.

When she hopped out of her car, she made a joke to the crowds waiting for her that, “Okay… there’s someone else coming that is famous and that’s why you came. I tell them maybe it’s me.”

Then, when asked if she has any advice for aging gigolos, she hysterically said, “Aging gigolos?… Exercise!” 

She also responded with an “Eh, I don’t know” when asked if Latin men make better lovers.

Salma, if you ever find yourself in a bind for a new role, start touring doing stand up comedy. We think you’d be able to fill venues for sure.

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  1. Thunderous - God of Light RainOctober 6, 2017 at 8:02 PM

    I completely agree. Her timing is pretty good for someone that isn’t in stand up. Besides as women grow older, the pressures to be beautiful become harder. What some do is compensate that for comedy.

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