Samantha Lawson Is A

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samantha Lawson is a ....

samantha Lawson is a ....

samantha Lawson is a ....

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Samantha Lawson is a dirty f*cking sloot who likes to f*ck 40 year old men and other peoples boyfriends at there own party!!! She like to put slooty pics all over facebook with here saggy *ss mother f*cking granny t*ts hanging out thinking she’s hot sh*t. She a two face rat no one likes she rats out parties bc shes not invited!!! NO ONE WANTS THERE BOYFRIENDS F*CKED by this c*nt. She copies everyone else because she thinks shes hot sh*t, but she CANT get anyone but OLD men with nasty d*cks. Lady and gents this is the truth about the dumb f*ck.

Heavy photoshopper and heavy padded push-up bra wearer.  Among other things…- nik

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