THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, hi I would like to start off by saying this wanna be thug guy who works at a rental place drives a tricked out Ford Taurus and he thinks he’s so cool. He brags about beating his ex girlfriends but yet does he ever step to a guy. He has a wife/ baby momma and she lives at home with his mom while he’s out partying getting other girls pregnant. He throws up “west side” I guess cause its what the cool kids in San Antonio do. He’s the biggest girl in disguise cause every time he gets in a argument or a bad break up he posts everything about what’s going on via Facebook. He has no shame and he spends his chump change checks in the club in one night and is broke for the rest of the week. I just really wanna know is it cool to party at clubs every weekend, beat girls, bang anything that walks. Let him know Nik.

This guy bangs? Is it really that easy in San Antonio?- nik