THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik! I am really upset about that tranny disaster Lauren Hallen becoming a DC and representing San Diego so I had to submit a quality girl to show that SD has better things to offer. This is Chanel Celaya, she is originally from SD but now I believe she lives and works in LA. She got a big break modeling for Guess and since then has had a pretty steady career. I never met her personally but I know some of her friends and have heard she is also sweet, down to earth, and super funny. Obviously she is lacking in one important department, but she is still hot. Not many girls still look good without photoshop or make up on. So just wanted to let the DA know that San Diego has way more to offer than beat chicks with clown t*ts!! What do you think Nik?

I think she has a Hope Solo body. I thought the first image was a dude for a second.- nik