Sara Hunt

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Sara Cunt

Sara Cunt

Sara Cunt

THE DIRTY ARMY: WARNING PITTSBURGH MEN AND WOMEN: May I introduce to you the latest rave trash to hit Pittsburgh. Originally from the backwoods of WV, this little sloot goes by Sara Hunt/Sara May Moumantai/Serotonin. She has fcked her way up the east coast, sleeping with the highest bidder. She trades sex for drugs, shelter, money and whatever else her whore heart wants. Watch out, because she’s also a lying thief. Anything of yours that she fancies she WILL steal. She is a stripper by trade (I know, you’re SHOCKED) and is a self-proclaimed “alternative model,” “go-go dancer,” and “performer.” Her bug eyes and weasel face should be enough to deter any man, but I am constantly surprised at how low men will drop their standards for pssy. She always smells of fish because she’s a squirter and never has clean underwear, or just doesn’t wear any. If you see her in the wild, keep one hand on your pocket and the other covering your eyes.

What’s that on your tongue Sara? hardly seems like a enough payment for the things you do.- nik

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