Sarah Messina Claims To Be The Best In Tampa Area

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THE DIRTY ARMY: So nik this is Sarah Messina, daughter of a rich a family shes an ex pepsi dieter that now gets legal m*th from her doctor shes bi polar and doesnt take her zoloft, this piece of work neglects her kids, and worse than that, she lays in bed all day while they run through the house rampantly her nine year old controls the house and calms mommy down cuz mommy likes klonopin beer and adderall. She is tatted up like a day shift stripper and tries to give the p*ssy to everyone with the tag ling “my tubes are tied you dont need a comdon” but as her bf said he has drd because of her shes tried two sleep with me. i turned it down of course shes serve a few of different people with orders of protection.latest my friend which no doubt was tossed out of court he sent me the email of what she did to him and i was hardly shocked, she said she gets tats to match her pain on the inside, nik pain on the inside? look at this face and body what about the pain on her outside does she not notice that shit on her lip has shit on it? she thinks shes gods gift to men and has two babies by two different dads her parents forced her to get her tubes tied shes been baker acted shes bi polar and she imagines her own scenarios as to what happened instead of what really happened my question is do her plus 2’s make her f*ckable? if she hypothetically doesnt have herpes….but she she does of course and she works her parents business where she gets everyt credit card paid for everything to do a job that a moron could do for minimum wage, her parents know shes a f*ck up and thats the sad part, they arent even in denial.

What the hell is a comdon?- nik

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