Sasha Singleton Is Cheating On Ben Baller

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THE DIRTY ARMY: nik, heres somethin thatll be of good use for ur site. aight check it, im a promoter for a very high profile club in vegas and these two bangin little hunnies come thru. i introduce myself n likewise for them, their names were sasha n amber. we kickit 4 a bit, her girl amber told me she wuz gettin married or sum sh*t so i just assumed 2 hit on amber n let tha newlywed 2 be b good… but that aint what she wanted, hahaa after a few drinks girlie (sasha) starts touchin up on me n wont take her eyes off me! no joke tha girl wanted it badd. i was like whatever ok n didnt think 2 much of it (i see this kinda sh*t on tha regular). w/o gettin into to much detail, sasha gets kicked outa the club 4 gettin a lil 2 wild, we hit up Drais (me, sasha, amber) for a bit n get fux*d up a lil more then next thing i kno sasha is kissin me n grabbin my **** every time her friend amber looks tha other way. im with it at this point cuz if her man aint pleasin her, im down 2 do tha job! i go back 2 their hotel room, theyre smashed, im smashed, sasha starts kissin up on me, kissin leads 2 one thing, one thing lead 2 another, then we ba*gin! best part is her girl amber got up in wit us too! i heard her bf’s name mentioned a couple times, i googled him, hez a little korean jeweler, on top of it i see him on ur site 2day! funny sh*t cuz. true story tho, got plentya witnesses if she wana act like nothin happened.  yo ben “baller” peep game, learn how 2 satisfy ur lady boii!!!!!!!!

“Homeboy”, do you purposely misspell everything to look hood or are you just that dumb?- nik

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