Satanic Rituals In Hollywood

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I listened to the podcast the other night, HILARIOUS! Especially when that girl said she would let you poop on her for 20,000.00. Wow, really?  You ain’t supposed to ADMIT that! Kidding…so, I noticed that you sideswept a question from a caller who asked you about satanic worship that happens in Hollywood. You made it seem like he was asking about some 50 shades of grey stuff, before ending with a ‘stay satan’. I don’t think he was asking about some s&m type sex. He was asking about the satanic agenda. If anyone wants to learn, just youtube Hollywood and Satanism. It starts with multi-generational satanic bloodlines, including the Hiltons. These celebrities, such as Paris Hilton, Britney Spears, for example, are abused as children. They are traumatized to extents that would kill most of us if not already in their genetics, hence monarch butterfly. If you study the monarch, their genes remember their history, hence Project monarch. While being traumatized, your mind disassociates. During these times and with electroshock, they can program the individual to adopt several different alters/personas/alter-egos/personalities. Think, Sasha Fierce/Beyonce…duality..if you look you will begin to see symbolisms everywhere. While I write this, I keep thinking of how this will just turn into some sort of trendy joke, (which is what you all want anyways)…sigh… I recommend researching project monarch, beta programmed sex slave, satanism in Hollywood. Thank you for posting this Nik! Oh and you should try to get one of those Saudi Princes in to interview. Hilarious!

So Paris Hilton is the Devil? I thought that was common knowledge?- nik

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