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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Meet Daria B*danovic! She is the mother of all whores in Van-dirty city, specifically the Coquitlam area! She thinks she is some hot shit that struts around scamming men by spreading her legs wide open & partying like a “rockstar” while she can’t even handle her alcohol. Look at the pictures to prove it, which she posted on Facebook! I’m so tired of this bitch updating her Facebook status 50x a day, changing her profile pictures of her getting wasted every weekend. This 37 year old gold digger is acting like a 19 year old, it’s ridiculous! She should be spending time with her son & being a good mother, which she isn’t capable of doing! All she cares about is herself & milking people as much as she can & does favors back by spreading the love of drd’s! She specializes in producing crabs…just dive in! it’s all you can eat! This crazy broad always tells me how awesome it is to have over 10 “boyfriends”, which none of them knows about each other & fcks them all just for money. She even showed me on her cell phone of her “financial planning” meaning how much she is getting every month from each guy on top of child support which she is spending on her weekend partying habits. During the day, she is a barista that works in Newport Village where she meets new “boyfriends” on a daily basis. Her father (who is a bigger scammer and an alcoholic) taught her at a very young age that in order to get by in life, you have to be a slut and a scammer. He obviously did a great job raising this whore! Nik, please put this whore ass bitch on the blast! You will do the world a huge favour!

First lets get a picture of her face.  Then lets get her kids taken away…no joke, these pics prove he’s in danger.- nik

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