Scooby Big League’s Junior Varsity At FIREHOUSE

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EMAIL FROM SCOOBY: Nik, as you know JV is still upset with me because he thought I big leagued him at Firehouse in Scottsdale Sat night.  That is so not true! he and I are like brothers and would never leave my wing man anyways.  He’s making such a big deal of it that he even unfollowed and blocked me on twitter. This whole thing doesn’t make any sense.  I was seriously in the fire truck for only 15 minutes.  Not my fault DJ Jon needed me to entertain bottle rats while he got ready for his set.  So I went back to check out my text log to try and figure this thing out.  I think JV was blacked out since we got after it that night or something cause he kept texting me the same thing over and over again.  I don’t understand why he couldn’t just talk to some chicks outside for the few minutes I was gone.  Gayden was even there doing frat laps and blowing kisses to randoms people. So weird.  Anyways, Nik here is the text transcript.  Click Here To Read Time Line. So as you can see it was nothing.  It took me approximately 23 minutes to get him in the fire truck.  He started walking home after 11 minutes.  Talk about no patience.  Jesus!

This is not what he told me Scooby, according to his records you got in the Fire Truck with 30 chicks and when he asked to come up you slammed the door and pretended like you didn’t know him. You big leagued him hard, I told you his heart is fragile right now and you crushed it. Talk about a terrible friend.- nik

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