THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I love reading the posts about Kina aka Scooby Snack. The girl is a complete train wreck. I’m not a fan of these cheap wigs she’s been rockin’ and she needs to get that nose fixed bad, she looks like a pelican. Kina’s body is nice but my god that face is horrendous. I’m still confused as to why anyone would pay this thing for sex. Anyway…I think that you have been WAY too nice with the name you have given her and I think its time for a change this new year.. Scooby Snack no longer fits her..The face is her main issue and until she gets it fixed, I think the name Hatchet Face fits her perfectly (from the movie Cry Baby). If not that, any other name referring to her butter face would be good, but she definitely needs the name changed as well as her face.

I haven’t seen the new nose in person, but it definitely does not picture well.- nik