Scott Hoying Wants To Collaborate With Beyonce

Scott Hoying Wants To Collaborate With Beyonce

Scott Hoying of acapella group Pentatonix was recently spotted by the paparazzi outside of Katsuya in Hollywood, California.

While they didn’t have an extensive conversation with him, they did get out that he’d like to collaborate with Beyonce.

“Oh yeah,” he responded, when asked who he’d want to collaborate with and Beyonce was suggested.

When asked if he would want pregnant Beyonce or non-pregnant Beyonce, he smartly replied, “Any Beyonce.” 

Beyonce’s hardcore fans- known as the Beyhive– will surely approve of his response, as he clearly loves Beyonce on every day of the week.

As for us, we think a collaboration between Pentatonix and Beyonce would make for some interesting music. We’d love to see Beyonce go acapella, as her voice is stunning, and who better to do it with than Pentatonix?

Scott, we approve of your choice.

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