THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this guy is an absolute piece of sh*t. Preying on ladies all over town, saying one thing.. only to find out something else that’s totally untrue.. He will string chicks along, then completely cut them off and tell people the chick is the crazy one who won’t stop texting, calling etc… He loves the attention of falsely being wanted by all these ladies, but in reality all he is doing is over dramatizing the fact that he randomly hung them up to dry. Tatted up douche with faded ink that means nothing, used to have a career but got sued and went under the radar. This guy is as fake as they come, with bad humor at that. Thinks he runs PHX what a joke.. Can someone tell this guy to grow up and quit pretending he is the sh*t, or 18 for that matter.

Does this Scottsdale loser have a legal name?- nik