Sean Parker’s Wife Alexandra Has Great Style

Sean Parker’s Wife Alexandra Has Great Style

Ah, Sean Parker. That name gives us nostalgia, thinking of the good old days of Napster, which he co-founded.

He’s come a long way since Napster, becoming a well known billionaire who is an entrepreneur and philanthropist, and got married to wife Alexandra Lenas in 2013.

While we could go on about Parker, it’s Alexandra who caught our attention in this photo. There’s something about the dress she’s wearing that’s so interesting and unique, and it was the first thing that caught our eye in the photo. Based on how she’s dressed, it’s clear she has great style.

Also, for already having given birth to two children, she looks fabulous.

Alexandra, we hope to see more of your style on future red carpets. And Sean, keep up the great philanthropic work. This is a couple we wholeheartedly approve of.

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