Sean Spicer – The Wiretapping Question Is A No Win Situation

Sean Spicer – The Wiretapping Question Is A No Win Situation

White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer gave a press conference today and, unsurprisingly the topic of President Donald Trump claiming former President Barack Obama had Trump Tower wiretapped was brought up by a reporter.

When asked if the White House has come up with any evidence to support the allegation, Spicer said, “We put out a statement on Sunday saying that we would have no further comment and we were asking the House and the Senate and intelligence committee to look into this concern and report back.”

“The President has not (asked the FBI director),” he continued. “There is clearly a role that Congress can play in its oversight capabilities… They have the staff, the resources, and the process. I think thats the appropriate place for this to handle.”

“I think if we were to start to get involved, you would then write stories about how we were getting involved,” Spicer added. “It’s a no win situation.”

Spicer then was asked if he believed Trump’s wiretapping claims.

To this, he responded that, “I get that that’s a cute question to ask. My job is to represent the President and talk about what he’s doing and wants. And he’s made very clear what his goal is and what he would like to have happen… We’ve tried to play this game before.”

“I’m not here to speak for myself,” he added. “I’m here to speak for the President of the United States and our Government.”

It is interesting that Spicer chose not to simply acknowledge that he agreed with it, as he is part of Trump’s cabinet, but rather refrain from giving an opinion on it. Perhaps he actually disagrees with Trump on this? Only time will tell.

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