Secret Homosexual

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Secret Homosexual.......

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, This man is Neil O’Brien he is a super senior at Fresno State. He loves Mexican men. He had an obsession with the schools President Pedro Ramirez. He went as far as to create a website for the love of his life. Neil believes in white supremacy and supports the Westboro baptist church in Alabama which is against American soldiers. He claims to be a patriot, but he supports that crazy church. What people don’t know is the he is a homosexual and is currently in a sexual relationship with an unidentified man. They have both been spotted around town holding hands. He has no friends so he just causes trouble around campus. His ex-boyfriend informed us that Neil has an drd and he got it from him while having anal sex. Nik, Neil is a hypocit he does the exact same thing he complains about he’s against homosexuality, but he’s a homosexual. He calls himself a patriot, yet he don’t support the troops. He says he is a citizens advocate yet he only advocates for himself because he is a camera whore. He was abused as a child so now he is kinda of messed up in the head. I feel bad for him sometimes, but he deserves it. Neil O’Brien should burn for what he has done. He’s a criminal and supports terrorist groups. NEIL O’Brien is anti-American. Neil O’brien should be in Guantanomo bay.

Why’s he hanging out in the middle of a field?? forgy meeting spot?- nik

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