Selena Gomez Remembers Humble Beginnings

Selena Gomez Remembers Humble Beginnings

Singer Selena Gomez was recently at California’s WE Day and made an appearance on the red carpet.

While there, Gomez talked about the event, which she notes is “close to my heart.”

Gomez goes on to state that, “It’s one of those events that I look forward to.”
“It’s nice to see everyone come together for days like this to remind everyone what it’s really about,” she adds.
Like we noted with Laverne Cox, we’re all for seeing celebs step out and support important causes.
Also, in the video, Gomez notes how her family wasn’t always fortunate, and that’s refreshing to hear that she is still humble and doesn’t forget where she came from.
While Gomez has had some issues in the past, we hope she stays happy and healthy, and continues to use her celebrity status to do good.

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