Setting The Record Straight

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Setting the Record Straight

Setting the Record Straight

Setting the Record Straight

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik–Just submitted a pic asking you if I had any redeeming qualities. I have been DA Strong forever and I totally expected the comments. I really wasn’t offended by any. But a few of the people commenting had questions about my body, needing pics with no make-up etc. So I have added a few. I do have inner thigh gap, but I no longer wear shorts, skirts, bikinis, etc (with the exception of vacation) because of some very profound scarring on my legs. I am a former police officer and I was working undercover, as a prostitute no less, and when I made the deal with a perp the cover team rolled in and the guy took off in reverse knocking me to the ground face down. My shirt got caught on the door and I was dragged for a couple of blocks in reverse and when he put it in drive, he ran over both of my legs. No complaints, I can walk, talk, heck….I’m alive and doing really well after three years of physical therapy. It took about 8 hours to get the gravel out of my tummy and legs, but I was so happy my +2’s came out unscathed!!!! So hopefully this will answer some questions and of course I know the offensive comments will still be headed my way:) The original photo is included…..PS….Press is beautiful.

That is an amazing story. Now focus on your arms, they are too heavy for me copper.- nik

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