Shahs Of Sunset Mercedes “MJ” Javid Is Not Who You Think

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I was friends with MJ before Shahs of Sunset. She is in fact a LIAR, THIEF AND FRAUD that abused her trusted position as a bank employee to steal money from innocent people. She was actually charged on 5 counts of bank fraud, but was only ultimately found guilty of 1 (a plea bargain, she admitted guilt and got a lower charge in exchange for not wasting the courts time with a long drawn out trial). She claims, “I was young, I was only 18, I was scared, the men threatened my father’s life, I felt I had no other choice”– b*tch, is that why you didn’t tell anyone after? And in fact it took over a year for you to get CAUGHT and arrested by the FBI at 6am?  If you were scared you would of told someone AFTER the fact at least. And, on the show she claims she grew up so rich and her father wore Bijan suits. Is that why you couldn’t afford your 100k bond? Your father can afford a 100k in suits but can’t afford to bail his daughter out of jail who was there because she was protecting him? Oh, and by the way, her mom works at bloomingdales selling perfume, like right now (picture included). Her family doesn’t have money like they claim. I grew up with this b*tch who is a complete money hungry PHONY! Don’t watch Shahs of Bullsh*t because MJ is not the person she portrays.

Mercedes Javid is a disgrace to hard working Iranians, both physically and mentally.- nik





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