Shannon The Skeezest

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Shannon, skeeziest of the skeezies!!

Shannon, skeeziest of the skeezies!!

Shannon, skeeziest of the skeezies!!

THE DIRTY ARMY: K do I have a treat for u, this is a whole nother level of skeezy sl*t right here!! This hurtin pig had a daughter almost 10yrs ago now and she still hasn’t figured out how or even if she could be a mother to this poor girl!! She doesn’t even live in the same province, ya sent her kid off to Ontario which is for the best, she might actually have a chance! Now she passes the time stinking up 118 and the ghettos of Edmonton f*cking anything that will look twice, which isn’t much! That is when u she’d not to blasted out of her lieing manipulative mind ON ANY DRUG SHE CAN GET HER HANDS ON! to leave her house!! which is sometimes a good thing considering she sleeps with her landlord for rent. One failed relationship after the next, she’s like the dog at the pound that keeps getting brought back cause shes good for nothing! Oh and guys be warned if u do run into her she caught warts using her Hooker friends vibrator, ask her she’ll tell u she’s quite proud!! Hurtin whore doesn’t know any better, SAD.! Real prize here boys, AND GUESS WHAT yup u betcha she’s SINGLE!!*

It’s like even her own face has given up and stopped trying.- nik

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