Shatto Maurice Brown Boldly Threatens And Slanders Every Model That Leaves Him

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Shatto Maurice Brown is a Fake and a Scam Artist

Shatto Maurice Brown is a Fake and a Scam Artist

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, there’s this fat, talentless ass clown named Shatto Maurice Brown running around San Diego, Orange County and Los Angeles trying to hire models off Facebook under his fake company name Shatterproof Marketing. He wanted me to sign with him but after hearing nothing but negative feedback from other models and photographers I backed out…and he went crazy on me. Turns out he boldly threatens and slanders every model that leaves him. He claims it’s their fault that they can’t book because they’re too ugly or skinny. When really it’s because he demands their social media passwords, is unprofessional on his FB account, and lies about really getting them work. I guess he has a habit of blowing up his Facebook and saying he’s booked all these events, meetings, and music videos but never mentions most of the projects again, or blames someone else if they don’t turn out. He lies and says he has a music label and knows all these celebrities but there are so many people in the industry that he owes money to or he ripped off I’m amazed he’s still around at all. From what I heard he doesn’t have a job, a car and he sleeps on people’s couches. WTF? I’ve heard so many horror stories about how this guy’s stories never add up. Can we please shut this guy down before he cheats or threatens another model. I have a feeling there are a lot of people that have something to say about it.

Anyone who takes a picture with the Hollywood signing is still dreaming to become something.- nik

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