She Ain’t Nothin’ But a Gold Digger

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I would like to present to you the biggest white trash piece of shit gold digger in central Iowa, Darrah Dawn Schlichte. I’ve known Darrah for quite a few years now and honestly, I’m not even sure where to begin to ball her out for her bullshit. Maybe we should begin with how she is a pathological liar. Darrah has told so much elaborate stories that she can’t keep them straight. She’s told me that she got pregnant when she willingly lost her virginity at band camp and she also said she got raped by her ex when she lost her virginity and that is where her daughter came from. Hello Teen Mom, you don’t go to dinner or have family pictures taken with someone who “raped” you. Darrah also tries to meet guys on the internet and made a Facebook page for her “photography” business called Darrah’s Snapshot Studio. It is laughable that she thinks she even has an eye for the business, but my friends and I use it to make ourselves feel better about our lives. Also, Darrah is DIRTY. She trashes every single place that she lives hoarders style. I’m surprised she hasn’t gotten her child taken away because of the filthy living conditions she subjects her to. There are so many more Darrah stories that I could tell you Nik, but this one is the best… Darrah has been engaged numerous times and about 6 months ago, her ex broke up with her because he was sick of her using him. She is quite the gold digger and latches onto anything and anyone she can because she has major daddy issues and she is also extremely LAZY. Darrah met her new “boyfriend” Derek in mid-September and already is “totally in love” and best yet, she’s already moved in with him! It’s only been a hot minute since she’s even MET him! This guy has no freaking clue what he’s getting himself into because she puts on quite a good show in the beginning. She’s a major slut puppy and she’s still trying to get back with her ex. Just this weekend (Saturday the 6th of October) she went out to the corn fields to try to find her ex and rode around on the tractor with him while he was working and while her BOYFRIEND was off doing something else. Derek, watch out for this one. She is pulling the wool over your eyes. You should ask her about the time she was living with her ex and was caught screwing another guy in their apartment when she thought her ex was sleeping. She told us all about it and thought it was hilarious while her ex was heartbroken but still stayed with her at the time just so she didn’t have to get a job and could mess around in his own house when he was working. This girl is a skank and she will suck the life of you until you have nothing left. You are just the “daddy of the week.” Nik, I just want to know… after seeing the picture of her laying NAKED in the corn, would you? Plenty of others have rammed this.

When did corn become attractive?- nik

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