THE DIRTY ARMY: I really just wanted to come on here to admit something.. Her boyfriend is cheating on her… With me. She doesnt know it yet, but she will once she sees this. I dont feel bad what so ever and this B**** deserves it.. Vic tells me everything and I mean everything.. everything about her and what she did to him.. Shes got major mental issues she should probably get dealt with before she gets her dental assist degree.. I know more about her than she thinks, and trust me, she knows me.. Im so sick of this H** walking around like shes the hottest shit in winnipeg.. she tries her hardest to hide those stupid dumbo ears.. lol. She got fired from hooters as well as boston pizza.. yet she brags about how hooters was sooo amazing and how well they treated her.. because she almost won hooters international. Theres nothing to be proud of there, shes just as pathetic as picasso.. but at least alex is going somewhere, esjay isnt. This girl gets on my nerves so bad that finally I texted victor up one day and told him I was a friend of hers and I wanted to talk.. I talked to him for hours and hours at a time.. she was out camping somewhere at the time.. and it turned into more than just talking lol.. but i shouldnt go into detail.. he also sent me a bunch of her nudes haha… careful what you send to people hun. I hope those two break up soon, so maybe I can get another round with him.  Hopefully Alex sees this!!! Just to show how much I hate you! And most of your closest friends arent as close as you think sweetie.. keep that in mind B****!

Only in Winnipeg would one brag about this.- nik