She Needs A Reality Check

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THE DIRTY ARMY: This is Diana Villarreal. A baby *r that is extremely full of herself. Lets start off by saying this broad has two children from some sucker that she was trying to trap. She was told by doctors that she shouldn’t get pregnant because she has congestive heart failure. Instead of heeding their warnings, she kept on getting pregnant. On top her have a heart condition, she is psycho and adds even more unneccesary stress on herself. Lets just say that is a deadly combination. Especially for her unborn children. She has had quite a few miscarriages. It is probably for the best though. This is one little girl that should never have been a mother. The two kids she already has are constantly sick. Not to mention the environment she has them living in is horrendous. They are always dirty and the youngest sits in his own filth for hours before she decides to change him. Btw he is three years old. Poor kid. The saddest part is she has a fiancé now and is pregnant yet again. She needs to be brought back down to earth. Diana, you are not sexy. You have no boobs, your teeth are not only rotting, but are extremely yellow, you have the body of a little boy, no one can stand to be around you because of your B.O., and your vagina smells like a sewer. Please consider getting help before you have your little girl. Oh btw Nik, would you?

Answer: No, never fall for distance shots.

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