THE DIRTY ARMY: Who :a 18 year old college student named Rachel, What: This girl lies to everyone just so she can get her way. She sleeps with any guy who will do her and then commences to brag about it to everyone she meets… we don’t wanna hear about her sex life. She also is a very sloppy drunk and needs to hear that she can NOT get away with everything. She lies to her friends and has no real friends because of this and even spread her “best friend’s” sex life around the dorm. This girl needs to learn that none of this is socially acceptable and that she needs to fix her life and priorities if she wants real friends and not guys (or even girls) who will just do her. When: Fall 2012
Where: Raleigh, NC Why: explained above

Funny its usually the guys who brag.  I’m sure they all keep their mouths shut.- nik