She Put What Where

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She put what in her what?!

She put what in her what?!

She put what in her what?!

THE DIRTY ARMY: Ok, so nik this girl is down right NASTY! She thinks she is hot shit and thinks everyone is jealous of her! You can smell her nasty tuna crotch from miles away. She smokes dope and who knows what other kinds of drugs. She even chose drugs over her daughter! She whores herself out for drugs and money. There have even been pictures of her shown around town shoving a 40oz beer bottle up her girl parts! THE BIG END! Im surprised her kid didnt just fall out. She sleeps with mexicans so she can rob them when they pass out. She is a fat ass whore. This girl is a down right sloot. It’s about time someone posted her on thedirty.

The 2 bra trick doesn’t work.- nik

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