She Will Do Anything For Money

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Tish L. (Latisha) she pretends to be sweet innocent and wholesome….She works at Twin Peaks Frisco she used to work the one in Plano as a bartender but she has such a bad reputation there she is now in Frisco…..she used to sleep with her personal “trainer”….she claimed to have gotten to stay in Cancun for a whole month for “free” with her own personal chef and everything to bad Kaz was getting some on the side for her to earn her keep….also it’s not some exclusive resort that she was staying at, she was at a swingers resort so you go figure…..i want to put her on blast because she try’s to hard to make people think she works SO HARD for her money as a “bartender” when we all know that its just a place for her to meet rich guys or sugar daddies for her to smooch off of. She doesn’t have an education and she can bearly afford anything she used to live in funky town with her boyfriend, to bad she cheated on him multiple times and only used him for his ride and loft/condo…….she will do ANYTHING for money and nice things she loves the cash and loves to do anything for it……(She also hangs out with a few KNOWN Dallas S**ts) What do you think?

I think she needs to move to Las Vegas where her bottle rat lifestyle will be praised instead of hated on.  She basically sounds like every other legalized prostitute in Dallas.- nik

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