She Will Screw Your Husband

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BEWARE Women of this small town will screw your husband

BEWARE Women of this small town will screw your husband

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, in Aug of 2011 I had 5 girl “friends” at my house having drinks. everyone got pretty drunk. one Monique Avila had her kids with her 4 and 1. she tryed driving home i said no not with her kids all her friends left her there to go get banged anyways i went in my room and layed on my bed she was crying over an x boyfriend so my husband the “good” man he is talked to her about it the next day i found him on the couch and her gone i asked what happend he said nothing. the next day i went to work seen her and also asked her she said they just held hands and he gave her a ride home and layed her son on her bed and came home. well his story didnt match i knew something was wrong so i confronted her and she came clean well since i wanna beat her *ss!! now all her little cousins are trying to fight me too just wanted to post pics and see what u thought about the one he cheated on me with and all the ones that wanna jump me like little kids THEY ALL LIVE IN A LITTLE SHITTY TOWN CALLED MOUNTAINAIR NM.

That’s what happens when you let men handle your problems (your friend, your problem).- nik

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