Sheree Whitfield – Slams Kenya Moore As A “Cheap Bitch”

Sheree Whitfield – Slams Kenya Moore As A “Cheap Bitch”

On this season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, fans have seen the shady exchanges between Kenya Moore and Sheree Whitfield since the first episode. On this coming Sunday’s episode, Whitfield pays old RHOA friend Marlo Hampton a visit. While Whitfield and her had some bad blood in the past, it seems all is good with them now; however, during their conversation, it becomes clear that things are no longer good between Hampton and Moore.

Hampton explains to Whitfield how Moore hasn’t been a good friend to her and has kind of tossed her aside, noting she wasn’t invited to her birthday party or her housewarming. Hampton asks Whitfield if Moore’s new house is nice, and Whitfield takes the opportunity to slam her.

“No,” Whitfield boldly states in response to if Moore’s house is nice. “I didn’t realize she was such a cheap bitch.”

Whitfield goes on to note one of the issues with the house, stating, “The plumbing- bitch how you living? How you sh*t? Where you sh*t? Where does she sh*t? Is she going to the gym?”

Comedically- and shadily- Hampton answers that, “Maybe I’ll send her a plumber. I’ll say it’s from Marlo because your’e full of sh*t and your house is too.”

Knowing how the RHOA women are, we guarantee this is only the start of what will unfold to be some major drama.

Make sure to tune in this Sunday to The Real Housewives of Atlanta on Bravo to watch it all go down.

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